For Students: Preparing You For a Career in Digital Marketing

A Unique, Individual Approach to All Students

There are many digital marketing education options available online, but Digital Detroit takes a unique, individual approach to all students.

The internet offers endless thought leaders, on-demand videos, and podcasts. Choosing the best education tool for you can be daunting. Digital Detroit takes the uncertainty out of digital marketing education and works with you personally to set goals, develop takeaways and create an appropriate learning format.

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How It Works

A representative from the Digital Detroit team will sit down with you (either in person or online) for a complimentary informational discovery session:

  • What is your goal in this course?
  • What do you want to learn?
  • What is your preferred learning method?
  • How do you determine “success” in this course?

Based on the informational discovery meeting, the Digital Detroit team will outline your personalized course and bring in the necessary topics deemed critical for your success. Part of this is also your learning timeline, which is personalized to fit your busy schedule.

Finally, you will embark on your digital marketing education journey with the Digital Detroit team.

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