For Business: Training Your Team the Digital Marketing Essentials

Bringing Businesses to the Forefront of Digital Marketing

Do you want your marketing team to be more digitally savvy?

Are you unhappy with your company’s current website?

Do you wish you could generate more online leads to business?

Is there room to grow your social media marketing strategy?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, then Digital Detroit is the right fit for your business. With over 10 years of digital marketing management and experience, Digital Detroit has a proven track record of successfully preparing the next generation of digital marketers.

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Steps to Improving Your Business’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Detroit takes a collaborative, pragmatic, 4-step approach to improve your business’s digital strategy:

  1. Full review of your current business and customer base, as well as how you would like to maintain and grow in the future
  2. Digital marketing audit, including analytics, online assets and any existing digital strategy
  3. Develop new digital strategy that improves your current business while also maximizing your digital footprint
  4. Provide necessary training and steps for implementation of new digital strategy

Your final product will be a comprehensive digital strategy along with a skilled, well-informed digital marketing team.

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