About Digital Detroit

Digital Detroit is a team of practitioners and freelancers helping to upskill and educate the next generation of digital marketers.

Founded in 2018, Digital Detroit started as a basic digital marketing agency, providing all of the standard marketing services. But when the pandemic began and companies pivoted, marketers had to expand their knowledge base and execute new strategies that were outside of their comfort zone. That is where Digital Detroit could provide real value.

Providing first-class training and education

With a background in marketing management and teaching at the university level, Digital Detroit founder Nick Mattar developed a system to train new digital marketers in the skills they needed to succeed and move up the corporate ladder. At the same time, this system saved marketing directors and managers dozens of onboarding and training hours – so they could focus on the core elements of their job.

The Digital Detroit system is simple and based on three tenets.

Digital marketing strategy? We do that too

Our bread and butter is developing digital marketing strategies for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We take an academic approach, applying peer-reviewed concepts, audience data, and previous success stories to create a custom plan for your business.

But more than anything else, we find ways to create value for your audience.

The most successful digital marketers create undeniable value for their target audience. And that’s what we strive to do for your audience, too. We combine data-driven decisions and best-in-class content creativity to build content your audience will love. The result is greater brand awareness, equity, and recall.

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Subscribe and learn about digital marketing each month. We promise you'll see something new!

Subscribe and learn about digital marketing each month. We promise you'll see something new!