2022 Entry-Level Marketing Jobs Report: Companies Value Analytics Reporting, Content Creation Skills

Digital Detroit’s third annual Entry-Level Marketing Jobs Report shows new trends in what companies look for when hiring new digital marketers. The Southeast Michigan-based digital marketing training company reviewed 150 entry-level jobs posted on LinkedIn by companies of all sizes and industries.

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Top marketing jobs’ responsibilities

Among the most commonly seen job responsibilities, “reporting” topped the list for the first time. As a key term, “reporting” encompassed everything related to the sharing of analytics with co-workers, clients, CEOs, or any other stakeholder. Meanwhile, “analytics,” which was the top term in 2021, was the second most commonly seen job responsibility. This included the ability to use programs like Google Analytics and review metrics from various digital marketing activities.

The top marketing jobs responsibilities included reporting, analytics, content marketing, social media campaigns, and the ability to monitor trends.

The term “content marketing” made its first appearance on the list of top job responsibilities along with “social media campaigns.” Content marketing was a surprise because very few jobs actually mentioned content in the title of the role or the general job description. And while responsibilities like reporting and analytics are standard for any digital marketing job, content marketing has not been considered a skill that every job seeker needs.

On the other hand, “social media campaigns” was a surprise to appear in the top five because it outranks other social media-based key terms. “Social media strategy,” “paid social media,” and “social media management” were all mentioned significantly fewer times than the now-popular “campaign” aspect. This also begs the question: how do companies differentiate or otherwise define these different social media job responsibilities?

Two years ago, the Digital Detroit team grouped all social media job responsibilities together into one keyword, as the differences between various social media tactics were blurred. However, the 2022 data revealed that nearly 20 jobs mentioned at least three varieties as separate bullet points. This shows that hiring managers have very strategic plans for their social media roles.

Marketing jobs’ top qualifications

Experience with digital marketing analytics once again topped the list of most frequent required qualifications. In fact, the disparity between analytics and all others is even greater than past years when analytics was still in the top spot.

As a qualification, “reporting” was rarely mentioned. This is likely due to the fact that a blanket qualification statement on analytics can be considered a sufficient equivalent. Additionally, the term “project management” was often paired with keywords that denoted organization and report preparation.

When it comes to marketing jobs and their qualifications, analytics is by far the most common.

“Search engine optimization” (SEO) and “paid social” were surprisingly common despite very few roles featuring either concept in their title or description. Like content marketing, it is possible that these are becoming standard for digital marketers, even if the job includes minimal execution of them.

Most common years of experience

Considering all jobs on LinkedIn were “entry level,” it was slightly surprising to see 21 jobs not require previous experience. The average years of experience fall between three to five years, with 15 jobs requiring at least 10 years of experience.

56 marketing jobs required 3-5 years of experience, 41 require 1-2 years, and 21 did not require any previous experience.

The fact that more than 20% of all jobs required at least six years of experience is hard to explain. Most jobs that required 10 years of experience were clearly not entry-level jobs based on their descriptions and qualifications. The Digital Detroit team tried to omit as many jobs as possible that were obviously not entry-level. But the 32 that required at least six years of experience had elements of entry-level positions. All 32 job titles included either “coordinator” or “specialist” and they all mentioned “entry-level” in the body of the posting.

A note on salaries and industries

Only 11 jobs posted a salary range, which was not a surprise. So, the Digital Detroit team went into greater detail on salary, industry, and the jobs themselves in a separate post. Check out the post, which breaks down digital marketing jobs by descriptions, industries, and expected salaries based on new data from Indeed.

Influencers on social media have started clamoring for more transparency from hiring managers when it comes to salary. Critics believe that companies hold too much power in the hiring process and that they often waste the time of their candidates when their salary is not revealed until after an entire hour-long virtual interview. More content will come in the next few weeks on this debate. For now, Digital Detroit is left to speculate and assume generalizations without true salary data.

The key takeaway for marketing job seekers

To see more of our key takeaways, download the 2022 report.

There are many takeaways for job seekers, but if you only take one from this report, it is to start freelancing. The digital marketing job market is as hot as ever, with 5,000 jobs listed on LinkedIn at any one time. Positions range from true entry-level specialist roles to major management positions that oversee entire departments. And almost all feature job responsibilities and qualifications that are beyond the role’s scope. As a result, marketers who take the traditional path of “school to internship to full-time job” are at a disadvantage.

For marketers to get ahead, they must work outside the confines of the regular 9-5 as previous generations know it. And the simplest, most straightforward way is to freelance, either as a contractor or starting a business. By getting extra experience, job seekers can learn new skills and boost their resume within a few quick months.

Of course, freelancing is not as easy as announcing your services are available for hire. It requires a strategic and goal-oriented approach that includes a focus, a pitch, and a website displaying thought leadership. That is why Digital Detroit is building an online course focused entirely on the freelance process, from ideation to invoicing. By downloading the 2022 Entry-level Marketing Jobs Report, you’ll be the first to learn about it at launch later this summer.

The key takeaway for marketing hiring managers

The main takeaway for hiring managers is that companies need a clear strategy for their new marketers. This means having a clear delineation of job responsibilities and specializations. Responsibilities like reporting and analyzing may be standard, but expecting a new hire to have experience from every corner of digital marketing is unrealistic.

Job postings should be concise, niche, and focused on the job itself. It is understandable that companies want to cast a wide net to capture as much talent as possible. However, that is no longer necessary with the immense number of job seekers and talented individuals looking for roles. Additionally, the greatest marketers are not those with the strongest tactical skills. The greatest marketers are those with a holistic understanding of marketing’s role and how they can help a company grow.

Digital Detroit specializes in upskilling marketers and helping them understand marketing’s role in a business. The onboarding process can be arduous, time-consuming, and ultimately unsuccessful if hiring managers are not completely committed. That is where Digital Detroit can help. Reach out to the Digital Detroit team today to upskill your marketing team through professional development opportunities.

Enjoy the report and be sure to share your thoughts!

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