Digital Detroit Founder Partners with Stukent to Publish First Content Marketing Textbook

Digital Detroit Founder Nick Mattar has published his first content marketing textbook, Content Marketing Strategies: Planning, Creating and Distributing Content. In partnership with digital courseware publisher Stukent, the interactive textbook is one of the first content marketing packages.

Content Marketing textbook screenshot

As unveiled at a virtual launch event, Mattar shared all of the textbook’s features to dozens of professors and other college instructors.

Referred to as “courseware” by Stukent, the content marketing textbook is available exclusively online and goes far beyond the typical written content. Resources include assignments, quizzes, and real-world examples. Plus, the content marketing textbook can be paired with an in-depth 10-round simulation that puts students in the middle of a content marketing strategy. Instructors can also access a sample syllabus, lecture slides, and lesson plans for each chapter.

“Content marketing has really become synonymous with digital marketing. For you to succeed in digital marketing requires a well-rounded set of skills that includes content planning, creation, and deployment. I try to convey all of that in this book,” said Mattar.

Who would benefit from a content marketing textbook

With more than 200 content marketing examples, Mattar says it is ideal for undergrad business, communication, or English students. As a former English and communication major, Mattar hopes colleges will use this courseware to prepare students for the business side of content creation.

“Content marketing is so much more than content creation. You need to understand your audience, your brand, and your larger organizational goals. If your blog post brings in 1 million views, you better have something to show for it beyond website traffic,” said Mattar.

While Mattar will integrate the content marketing textbook into his MBA course, he recommends including supplementary reading to challenge students. The first half of the textbook rehashes marketing principles and content development best practices, while the second half features a more advanced discussion on repurposing content, strategy, distribution, analytics, and business applications.

Accessing the courseware

For instructors interested in previewing the courseware, visit the Content Marketing Strategies landing page on the Stukent website. and create an instructor account. From there, the Stukent team will help with courseware setup including how to provide access to students.

Stukent has served over 500,000 students in its short history and recently received growth funding from a private equity firm. Mattar has taught his digital marketing courses using Stukent courseware since 2017.

“I have used Stukent’s products for nearly five years and have enjoyed each one. They make teaching easier and are committed to a contemporary teaching environment, as evident through their simulations,” said Mattar.

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