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What’s new in the digital marketing world? The Fresh Digital Blog has you covered, providing free tips and tricks across the entire digital marketing spectrum.

Walkthrough: Stukent Mimic Social Simulation [WITH VIDEO]

After my first Stukent simulation walkthrough received so many positive reviews, I figured it was time to do another one! You can watch the Stukent Mimic Intro simulation on YouTube or visit Stukent’s website to learn more about the product. Here is my walkthrough of the Stukent Mimic Social simulation, which is also currently going […]

white rice on silver round plate

Top 20 Songs of 2021: Our Picks

For the second year in a row, we are turning our top 20 songs of the year into a blog post! 2020’s list was met with the most engagement we have ever seen, with plenty of shares and criticism to go around. So let’s do it again! Before we get started, a few themes we […]

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Digital Detroit brings businesses and individuals to the forefront of the quickly-evolving digital marketing world. But instead of providing standard marketing services, Digital Detroit trains and educates clients so they can take control of their digital marketing and drive business online.

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