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Businesses on TikTok: How the food industry connects to gen z

Businesses on TikTok: How the Food Industry Connects to Gen Z

Businesses on TikTok have figured out their target market and exactly the content they want to see. What’s the first thing a twelve-year-old girl opening TikTok sees? Maybe an ad for MAC cosmetics displaying unrelatable, unrealistic beauty standards, leaving her upset and confused. Or maybe she’ll see an ad that looks like a normal TikTok […]

LinkedIn image

How to Make the Most of LinkedIn as an Executive

By: Becky Harris Digital Marketing and Fundraising Professional LinkedIn is synonymous with Facebook and Instagram as a popular social media platform, but serves a drastically different purpose. Are you an executive considering creating a LinkedIn profile, but not convinced you need one? Do you have a profile but barely use it? Do you just want […]

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Digital Detroit brings businesses and individuals to the forefront of the quickly-evolving digital marketing world. But instead of providing standard marketing services, Digital Detroit trains and educates clients so they can take control of their digital marketing and drive business online.

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